Instructions for Guest Editors

Interested in serving as a guest editor on a future issue or have a topic in mind you think OLAQ should discuss in the library community? Please browse the OLAQ Archive to see previous themes for reference, and then contact the OLAQ Coordinator with a short proposal (100-500 words).

Responsibilities for Guest Editors

Guest editors:

  • Serve as a liaison between people submitting materials to OLAQ and the OLAQ Coordinator/OLA, and act as the primary point of contact for his or her respective issue.
  • Are responsible for communicating with authors on materials, theme, format, and content, and will make suggestions for changes or additions to submissions as necessary.
  • Ensure that supplemental information, such as short bios and head shots of authors are included when possible.
  • Should write a short introductory article for the issue relating to the selected theme. Guest editors should also provide their own bios and photos.