Approaching the Library Behavior Policy with Justice and Access at the Forefront


  • Adrienne Doman Calkins Sherwood Public Library



library policy making, public library behavior policy, library code of conduct, trauma-informed library customer service, library systemic change


During the COVID pandemic and the overlapping racial reckoning, the inequalities of resources and the disparities of the impact on our country and our communities have been exposed more than ever. Like most libraries, at Sherwood Public Library, we had tangible restrictions to our operations, were temporarily limited to curbside and virtual services, and reopened our doors to a community navigating multiple traumas and injustices. As we prepared to welcome our patrons back inside, our existing Behavior Policy (Sherwood Public Library, 2022) was inadequate, lacking the conviction of antiracism and trauma-informed customer service that we knew we needed.


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Author Biography

Adrienne Doman Calkins, Sherwood Public Library

Adrienne Doman Calkins (she/her) has worked as Library Manager at Sherwood Public Library since 2014 and has over 30 years of library experience from public and academic libraries in Oregon and Washington state. She holds an MLIS from San José State University and is the incoming OLA Secretary. Passion projects at work include equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism (EDIA) efforts, library assessment, and strategic planning.




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Doman Calkins, A. (2022). Approaching the Library Behavior Policy with Justice and Access at the Forefront. OLA Quarterly, 27(2), 32–39.