Response to Livingston's Response: What's Missing?


  • Samuel C. Wheeler III University of Connecticut, Philosophy


Author Biography

Samuel C. Wheeler III, University of Connecticut, Philosophy

Samuel C. Wheeler III received his Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College in 1966 and his PhD in Philosophy from Princeton University in 1970.  He writes on analytic philosophy of language, metaphysics, political philosophy, ancient philosophy, and the relationship between Derrida and analytic philosophy. From 2001-2007 he was editor of Public Affairs Quarterly.  In 2000, Stanford University Press published his Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy.  Since 1970, he has been at various times firefighter, EMT, Deputy Chief, Second Assistant Chief, Lieutenant, etc., in one or the other of the Willington, Connecticut Fire Departments.  He is married to Pamela Balch Wheeler and has two children, Lydia Balch Wheeler and Samuel C. Wheeler IV.




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Wheeler III, S. C. (2010). Response to Livingston’s Response: What’s Missing?. Konturen, 2(1), 71–75.