Call for Guest Editors

Call for Special Issue Proposals and Guest Editors

The editors of Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology are soliciting proposals for special issues on racial justice. Current events have highlighted the pre-existing need to direct collective attention to issues related to systems of structural oppressions. With this series, Puncta seeks to provide a forum for such conversations. We are especially interested in forefronting the perspectives of those traditionally underrepresented in the field, including the work of BIPOC philosophers. The special issues should be in line with the journal’s scope and have a wide enough sub-disciplinary base such that multiple authors working in different areas of philosophy could hypothetically contribute.

Guest editors are expected to draft a call for papers, arrange double-anonymous peer reviews for submissions, edit and fact-check submitted articles, and write an introduction to the special issue. The editors of Puncta will be responsible for typesetting, final copyediting, publishing the complete special issue online, and ensuring that all articles published adhere to our standards of quality. Any questions about these standards or any other queries should be directed to

Guest editors are expected to submit a 500-1000 word proposal following the template below:

● Special Issue Title: Select a title best fitting the topic of the special issue.
● Provisional CFP: Include a draft of the CFP for the open call with a provisional description outlining the motivation, scope, and parameters of the proposed issue.
● Special Issue Proposed Guest Editors and Contact Information: Include the names, affiliations, and email addresses of the proposed guest editors. Short bios of the guest editors and a short account of the guest editors’ qualifications to edit a special issue for Puncta is also requested.
● Proposed Timeline: Delineate deadlines for submission of papers, completion of peer reviews, completion of editing and fact-checking, and publication. The special issue open call must be available on the Puncta website for at least three months and potential contributors must be allowed to submit for this entire duration.
● Invited Contributors and Peer Reviewers: We realize it may be difficult to specify these details at this stage, but please try to include a list of invited authors (if any) for the special issue and potential peer reviewers for the submissions. The proposed invited authors could be both early career and more established researchers. The editors will also look favorably to proposals that make an explicit effort to include potential authors from traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy. Whether authors are invited or submit articles through the open call for papers, their articles will be peer-reviewed in accordance with Puncta guidelines.
● Distribution Avenues: Include a list of proposed ways or places to distribute the call for papers for the special issue.

Special issue proposals should be emailed directly to the Managing Editor, Martina Ferrari, at Please include “Special Issue Proposal on Racial Justice” as a subject line. The deadline for completed proposals is October 31, 2020.