Digital record of specimens, including voucher material, from the study of a pollinator habitat restoration site under a commercial solar array in Jackson County, Oregon, 2019

Maggie Graham, Lincoln Best, Andrew R Moldenke


Photovoltaic solar energy installation is booming, frequently near agricultural lands. Traditionally, the land underneath ground-mounted photovoltaic panels is unused, though some are repurposing it as habitat for pollinating insects. However, the impact of the solar panel canopy on the pollinator-plant community understory is unknown. In this study (Graham et al., 2020), we investigated the effects of solar arrays on plant composition, bloom timing and foraging behavior of pollinators in open fields (control), and in full shade and partial shade areas under solar panels in a predominant agricultural region of southern Oregon. Pollinating insect specimens were collected using hand nets, and identified to the lowest taxonomic group possible by M. Graham, A.R. Moldenke, and L.R. Best. A total of 85 voucher specimens were deposited into the Oregon State Arthropod Collection; accession record: OSAC_AC_2021_03_11_001-01.

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