Noisemakers! Putting the Analog in Digital Humanities


  • Serena Ferrando Colby College
  • Mark Wardecker Colby College



Noisefest! is an interactive, multisensory experience centered around a small Maine town and rooted in the sounds and noise of its streets. Comprising a Virtual Reality tour, soundwalks and remixes, a 2D laser cut geographical map with Arduino controllers, and a Futuristic noise intoner, one of the objectives of this collaborative, transdisciplinary, and theory-based project is to create concrete opportunities for students to participate in the “real” world and engage with the materiality of noise and its manifestations by interacting with the soundscape through novel, interactive, and multisensory practices. Noisefest! is also an example of how one can creatively and artistically extend the reach of the digital humanities beyond the borders of academia and into the public realm.

Author Biographies

Serena Ferrando, Colby College

Serena Ferrando is Assistant Professor of Italian at Colby College. Her specialization is modern and contemporary Italian literature with an emphasis on environmental, urban, and digital humanities. Her book project is an ecocritical study of water in the urban environment of Milan and Milanese poetry. She has published on Alda Merini, Milan’s navigli, Milo De Angelis, and Dino Buzzati.

Mark Wardecker, Colby College

Mark Wardecker is an Instructional Technologist at Colby College. He has worked in higher education since 2004. First, as Dickinson College’s Digital Services Librarian, and more recently, as a reference librarian and the Acting Classics Librarian at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He has contributed (with Emilia Marcyk and Angela Stangl) to E-Learning and the Academic Library (McFarland, 2016) and (with Ed Webb) to Doctor Who and Philosophy (Open Court, 2010), as well as having written other nonfiction and short fiction.