Worlds of Meaning


  • Massimo Lollini University of Oregon



Welcome to the fifth issue of Humanist Studies &the Digital Age entitled Networks and Projects: New Platforms in Digital Humanities. The sections Perspectives and Interventions are devoted to the publication of a selection from the proceedings of a colloquium held at Brown University in the Spring of 2015. These first two sections are presented and introduced by Massimo Riva in his essay on Scholarly Networks and Collaborative Practices. The third section of this issue, Projects, is presented by Crystal Hall in her introduction, Italian Studies and Digital Humanities: Research Outcomes. In the brief notes of my Editorial, I reflect on the idea of “network” as conceptual framework and privileged space of knowledge engaging with Pierre Lévy’s work, and I anticipate the topic of the sixth issue of this journal that will be published in 2019.

Author Biography

Massimo Lollini, University of Oregon

Professor of Romance Languages