Issue 4, Call for Papers
The Excess of Violence: Conflicting Interpretations
[Fall 2020]

George Bataille conceptualizes excess as a superabundance, it is the natural and energetic surplus of the economy and the ecosystem whose production exceeds what is necessary for survival. The historical and aesthetic representations developing around violence and drug trafficking are configured as an excess. The post-national states and the loss of national sovereignty have erased borders for the benefit of the flow of capital and also for weapons and narcotics, while bodies and communities are reduced, fragmented, and destroyed. These circumstances have generated a broad cultural debate that ranges from the detailed study of narcoaesthetics (Polit Dueñas, Narrating Narcos), the denunciation of the economic and political system that generates and requires the excess of violence (Valencia, Gore Capitalism), and the challenges to certain stories and explanations, such as propaganda and smoke screens (Zavala, Los carteles no existen). Faced with so many and diverse perceptions about the phenomenon of drug violence as they have emerged in the last two decades, this fourth issue of Periphērica: Journal of Social, Cultural, and Literary History proposes to contribute to this debate from a cultural, historical, and conceptual analysis. And to provide new approaches to the understanding of the cultural representation of violence associated with drug trafficking in Mexico, to the rest of the Western Hemisphere.

This fourth issue of Periphērica, calls for papers on violence related to drug trafficking in Mexico and other spaces of the Americas and beyond. The submission of unpublished articles that stimulate critical perspectives linked to the recent production of violence in the cultural, social, literary, and historical spheres are of particular interest.

The submitted articles must include an abstract and a brief biographical summary of the author, and follow the editorial guidelines of the journal (MLA Handbook, between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length, final notes, and a bibliography). The deadline for the submission of articles will be November 1st, 2019. The files should be submitted directly through the journal’s webpage. These will be evaluated by the editors and by a blind third-party peer system.

Enrique Chacón, PhD - Southern Oregon University
Diana Aldrete, PhD - Trinity College

Pedro García-Caro
General Editor of Periphērica