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Carbofix Supplement Reviews - What does folic acid do to a woman's body?

by maya justin (2021-05-18)

Folic acid, not only necessary during pregnancy but is beneficial for the health of all people and something necessary to improve the quality of life.
The folic acid or vitamin B9 is a nutrient that helps prevent birth defects or defects in the development of neural tube, therefore, is indispensable for correct gestation, however, folic acid is not only needed in pregnancy, but We require this nutrient in all stages of life.
Folic acid benefits
Folic acid is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells, therefore, it is needed in our body to develop normal and functional blood cells, and thus, prevent nutritional anemia due to vitamin B9 deficiency.
On the other hand, this nutrient can influence the levels of homocysteine in the body, whose accumulation in case of folic acid deficiency can trigger heart problems.
Likewise, folate is necessary for vitamin B12 to convert to its active forms and thus promote proper DNA synthesis.
As we can see, folic acid is a nutrient that is not only needed in pregnancy, but in all stages of life for our body to function properly. Every day, those over 19 years of age need 400 micrograms a day that we can obtain in whole grains and dark green vegetables.
How to get folic acid
Folic acid is one of the B vitamins found in foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dried beans among others. A synthetic form of folic acid is used in dietary supplements and fortified foods. Folic acid works by helping the body make and maintain new cells.
In particular, the formation of red blood cells depends on adequate levels of this vitamin. Folic acid deficiency is a known cause of anemia in children and adults. Folic acid can also help cells resist changes in DNA associated with the development of cancer and tumors.
This acid is called folic because it comes mainly from the leaves of plants. My grandmother was unaware of the existence of this component, but she knew that the healthiest thing for a pregnant woman, or who wants to be, was to eat vegetables every day. Green leaves of some vegetables like the spinach, the Iechuga, collards, etc., are a good supply of folic acid. It is essential that these vegetables are eaten raw or undercooked, since folic acid is destroyed in cooking.
Healthy diet
In addition to vegetables, do not forget to include foods such as brewer's yeast, legumes and nuts in your diet, they are an inexhaustible source of this component.
Herbal teas
Folic acid is also found in herbs rich in iron. Dead nettle, yarrow, gentian and centaury are some of them. Make a tea by mixing all of them and drink two cups a day. Take seasonally and avoid in case of gastritis.
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